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Beijing Landi Renzo Autogas Systems Co.,Ltd.
STAND : E2-259
  Founded in 1954, LANDI RENZO S.P.A is the largest company of the Landi Group and an international leader in the production of CNG and LPG control systems for automotive applications. The other companies in the Landi Group include Landi Renzo Brazil; GNV Conversion C.A. in Venezuela; A.E.B. America in Argentina; Landi Renzo USA Corporation and Baytech Corporation in USA; Beijing Landi Renzo Autogas Systems, in China; Landi Renzo India; Landi Renzo Pak Limited in Pakistan; Landi Renzo Pars, in Iran; Eurogas, in The Netherlands; Landi Renzo Polska, in Poland; Landi Renzo RO in Romania; Lovato Gas, A.E.B., Safe and Emmegas in Italy.
  Landi Renzo began its first step in China market since as early as 1998 by establishing Beijing Landi Renzo Autogas Systems Co., Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary, for the purpose of staying close to the clients and market, for better exposure and service to the industry. Backed by years of experience and powerful ability on research, development and production, Landi Renzo always stays on the global leading position in the field of alternative fuels. Inclusive of traditional mixer systems and multi‐point sequential gas injection systems which stand for the highest level in the industry, Landi Renzo SPA has a complete range of products. Considering the performance, environmental  compatibility/sustainability and economics, the performance-cost ratio of our production is approbated with clients.
  Quality is the life of Landi Renzo. The superior quality of our popular products certified by international organizations, starting with ISO9001 in 1996 and latest the prestigious ISO/TS 16949 certification that Landi Renzo received in 2001, leave all other companies in this sector far behind.
  Our mission and ultimate goal: to connect the world with clean transportation; advanced technologies for serving the clients.  We lead the way in technologies for environmentally friendly mobility, producing vehicle components for alternative fuels, LPG and natural gas.
  In September 2014, we celebrated our 60 year anniversary in the business, by grand opening of our nouveau R&D center which represents the state-of-art for this industry. Our technologies have helped make CNG and LPG fuelled vehicles become increasingly popular. Today we continue to open up new horizons with research into ways of using new fuels such as hybrid and hydrogen.
  We do all this in 60 countries on all 5 continents, working with world's biggest and most important automotive companies.
  We want to maintain our position of prominence in a rapidly growing market, responding to the increasingly urgent demands for sustainable development and ecological mobility.