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 The organizer will ensure the exhibition to get the greatest concern from domestic and international LNG,CNG,NGVindustry as a connective bridge through a series of orderly and intensive promotional activities, which will be launched to encourage a targeted audience and provide more services to exhibitors.
■ A comprehensive multi-media visitor promotion campaign has been lined up, directed at key industries and buyers. The exhibitor information will be issued on the show website with pre-registration on line service.
■ Direct mail invitation and visitor ticket distribution to professionals, specialists and key buyers according to the customer database of previous exhibitions. Delegating industrial associations or societies, medias, and relevant departments of CNPC, SINOPEC, and CNOOC to hand out promotional products and organize visitor groups.
■ Actively providing continuously renewable marketing information, guidance and consultation on policy for exhibitors; Releasing new construction and ongoing construction project information, extending the trade activities of the exhibition, conducting exhibitors to make suitable marketing strategy; Making full use of the social resources and outstanding organization ability to help exhibitors to hold product launch, which will make benefits for exhibitors in a largest degree.